When people begin to consider visiting a Dude Ranch, they start thinking of questions about what to wear and what other items might be good to bring along. Will the food be good? What will there be to do besides ride horses? Do I really have to wear cowboy boots and a cowboy hat? And so on. We thought we’d use this opportunity to tackle your FAQ.

Most Dude Ranch vacations take place in the summer when the sun shines bright each day and the air is warm and dry. Though it may seem the wrong time to be wearing long pants, big boots and a huge hat, these items of clothing can really make your riding experience much more comfortable. Rides usually last an hour or more, depending on the route taken. Horsehair can be coarse and bristly against bare skin, which is why it is recommended that you need long pants. The sun is bright and sometimes a bit intense so it’s good to have a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

Western boots may look funny with their higher than usual heels and pointed toes, but there are good reasons for them. The high (about one-inch) heel keeps the boot from sliding through the stirrup, and the smooth sole of the boot helps it to move easily into and out of the stirrup when mounting or dismounting your horse. Also, the high-cut boot protects your legs from bushes and branches that you may get close to. At Long Hollow Ranch we keep a large supply of “loaner” boots in all sizes. If it is impractical for you to bring boots, we just may have a pair in your size!

Of course, sunscreen is a must, lip balm is helpful and water is very important. Long Hollow Ranch is blessed with an abundant supply of pure, cold, delicious water from our well. You will appreciate filling your water bottle at the house before you start your ride.

Much of the high-desert terrain of Central Oregon is rocky and uneven. As you travel the trails and open country, beautiful scenery is all around you: mountain peaks, valleys, rolling hills and the Ranch itself. This is something you get to take in and enjoy. Trail riding at a leisurely pace allows you to do that. It also keeps horses and their riders safe from the danger of tripping over rocks or stepping into an animal burrow.

Safety is a high priority at Long Hollow Ranch. We want our guests to enjoy their experience as much as possible while still being safe. Our wranglers are careful to see that riders are matched to their ideal horses, properly seated, and able to manage the horse correctly and safely. They are also extremely knowledgeable about the Ranch and the surrounding area. They truly enjoy interacting with guests in helpful and entertaining ways.

So, get ready for a great time of enjoyment in beautiful, sunny Central Oregon. You’ll be glad you did!