9 reasons to vacation at a guest ranchWhen planning this year’s vacation, should you consider choosing a guest ranch?

Of course you should! And here are some reasons why:

  1. A guest ranch (also called dude ranch) such as Long Hollow has something to offer almost everyone. A single person traveling alone will meet other folks in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. A family can enjoy games on the lawn, hiking, visiting local attractions, as well as activities on-site, with no cooking for Mom to do. All guests interact with staff and other guests as you ride the trails or gather at the tables for meals.
  2. A guest ranch offers complete packages so you know before you leave home how much to plan on spending. When you make reservations at Long Hollow Ranch you will receive an itemized statement. The only increases to your final bill will be for items purchased, or additional activities you desire during your visit.
  3. You don’t need to buy a fancy wardrobe. Jeans, casual shirts, a hat and maybe some sturdy gloves are all you need besides riding (read: cowboy) boots. If boots are not in your budget, you may be able to borrow boots at the ranch. We have many “loaners” in a variety of sizes. You should also bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a camera.
  4. You will be well-fed with delicious home-cooked food. No problem finding a good restaurant each day where you are kept separate from other patrons. At Long Hollow we are careful to cater to those with food restrictions.
  5. You stay in a homey, friendly atmosphere where you can make new friends.
  6. You stay in a safe, secure facility with no need to be concerned about your personal safety.
  7. At Long Hollow you also have opportunity to visit other attractions such as local outdoor activities, events like county fairs, antiques shows, street fairs, or musical presentations. Or you can golf at one of the many great courses close by, fly fish in the famous Deschutes River, or hike nearby mountain trails.
  8. The cost of a dude ranch vacation is favorably competitive with that of many other choices.
  9. Long Hollow Ranch is a friendly, sociable, relaxing, and renewing place to stay. You may even want to come back next year………..