IMG_1594We are all about horsing around here at Long Hollow Ranch and making sure you have the best trail riding experience while you enjoy your stay with us. We can accommodate all levels of riders from those who have never been on a horse, to the folks that have their own horses and are experienced. Our trails are scenic, peaceful, and adventurous that span for miles all around the ranch.

When we’re not out riding the trails, you might find us moving cattle to another pasture or driving them up to the summer range ground. Throughout the summer, we ride the range checking the cows, their water, and minerals and making sure everything is in good condition. In late summer you will find us gathering the cows off the range ground and bringing them home.

At Long Hollow Ranch we have a total of 17 horses and even 1 mule. Yes, we do ride the mule, Ginger, after a good ear scratching first! Our horses are always happy to take you on a ride, especially if they know they might get a treat when we get back to the barn.

Here at the ranch, we can also accommodate our guest’s personal horses! So feel bring to bring them and take them out for a ride while you stay with us.

If you want a peaceful get-away vacation that offers amazing food, stunning mountain ranges, and you’re looking to get a lot of riding in, come stay with us! Book your vacation HERE.