The 2014 Dude Ranch season has come to an end. It was a great one! People came from all over the USA and from other countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. We enjoyed the interaction with folks from around the world. What an experience! To visit, exchange views, learn about other cultures, and forge new friendships in this way is a privilege we could never enjoy otherwise. And our guests would not get the personal touch or the experience of “real America” as they see it here at Long Hollow Ranch if they stayed in hotels or hit the high spots on a “canned” tour.

This Thanksgiving we hosted a family group from the Portland area. They enjoyed a traditional Turkey Day dinner, a comfortable night’s sleep, a hearty home-cooked breakfast the next morning and even a lunch of turkey, dressing, and other goodies left from Thursday’s dinner before they headed home. There was also plenty of opportunity for them to enjoy the outdoors as they explored the ranch and visited the horses or played with Bandit the dog. The evening was spent playing games or reading.

So now it is time to evaluate the 2014 season and begin planning for the 2015 season. We would really like to hear from our guests; what you enjoyed the most, and suggestions for things that would have made your stay even better. Plans are underway to make 2015 the best year ever at Long Hollow Ranch, so check back to see what might be coming up.

As you consider your vacation plans for 2015, imagine a mother-daughter week at Long Hollow (or father-son, or grandparents-grandkids ) trail-riding, hiking or fishing. What a great way to enjoy the outdoors and strengthen relationships, while possibly learning a new activity. Every year we watch families and individuals meet new people here and begin to form new friendships. Some even make plans to come again the next year at the same time so they can deepen their relationships while enjoying their favorite activities.

That’s what dude ranching is all about!