university of phoenix stadiumWell, here it is the Friday before Super Bowl XLIX, being played in Phoenix, Arizona this year between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. I just heard a sweet young lady on TV talking about “sunny Arizona”. Well, I’m in Phoenix right now for a little respite from the frozen North, and I can tell you it is not sunny today. In fact it is raining and looking a lot like winter weather in Seattle, Washington. Could that be an omen? Seriously though, weather can change pretty quickly in the desert, so who knows what it will be like by Sunday?

People here are very busy making preparations for the Super Bowl. The downtown areas of Phoenix and Scottsdale are brightly decorated for the event, people are flocking to the stores for their game-time snacks, and the streets are more crowded than ever. I heard that food consumption on Super Bowl Sunday is second only to that on Thanksgiving Day. Wow!

My son-in-law, Randy, made his way through the grocery aisles last evening to beat the crowd. He needed supplies for making his favorite salsas and snacks. I can’t wait to try them out. I’m supplying meatballs with dipping sauces. Randy’s super-sized flat screen TV actually makes watching the game easier than being there in person. And we don’t have to fight the crowds. The only thing missing at home is the adrenaline rush you get actually being there.

Well, I guess a ranch vacation at Long Hollow can’t really compare with the Super Bowl, but I think the satisfaction of the experience is just as memorable. We have a reservation for this summer from a couple who came last year. They said they don’t normally vacation twice at the same location, but Long Hollow is an exception. Wow! That’s hard to beat.

Go Seahawks! –or Pats! May the best team win!

By the way, what will the Roman numeral for next year’s game look like? This question comes from a former math teacher……….The first to email me the correct answer gets a $100 gift certificate to use at Long Hollow this summer.

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