SpringtimeWow! Spring has arrived and there is a whole lot going on at Long Hollow Ranch. We’ve seen sun, rain, wind, heat and cold – you name it; typical spring weather in central Oregon. The cattle have been moved to the summer range pasture, the fieldwork is done and the new crop seeding’s are coming up. The greenhouse is prepped for planting and the seedlings are up. Dead trees have been removed, the lawn is green and growing, and flowers have burst into bright colorful blooms in the gardens.

Everyone here is working hard. Katie and Awbrey are busy tuning the horses, riding and moving cattle and cleaning the flower beds in front of the barn. Bruce is busy making everything work properly after the winter lay-off. Sally is cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen whenever she has a free moment after meal prep and cooking the delicious meals. The dinner cook, Karen, has been on vacation, but will be back next week, ready to work her magic in the kitchen. Dentzie has been cleaning and sprucing up the guest rooms several times a week. Dick answers inquiries each day and Shirley is busy trying to get the garden going. The ranch is a beehive of activity and looking real nice if I say so myself.

For the past ten days Ed, a young man from Bath, England, and “Workaway Volunteer”, has been here working with Bruce on projects. He did a fine job and we really enjoyed his company.

Yesterday Long Hollow Ranch hosted a potluck dinner for a group of fifty folks from our local church and Saturday six of our most recent guests left for home and we welcomed seven new ones. Today a photography company is coming in with equipment and models to take pictures for use in a well-known mail-order catalog.

And yes, we have been hosting guests from around the country, the most recent a family from France. Reservations for the season include several international guests who will be arriving throughout the season for their 2014 ranch vacations. It’s shaping up to be a great season at Long Hollow Ranch. Come on over and enjoy the sunshine, the clean air and water, the peaceful atmosphere and, of course the fun.