You may have noticed by now that some of our rooms have names related to geographical regions near the ranch. Well, the Juniper Room is an exception; Juniper trees are all around us in large numbers so any area could legitimately carry the name and a number of local businesses do.

In the years that we have operated the ranch, we have actually inhabited all of the various rooms, and the one we now call Juniper has always been my favorite. It is upstairs in the corner, farthest from the rest of the house. The windows give you a nice view of the front pasture where the horses often graze and the room itself is decorated in my favorite colors.

Of course, the bed is very comfortable, there are nice chairs in which to sit, and read or gaze out the window at the beautiful scenes. The bathroom is very well appointed. In keeping with the period of the home, the walls are papered in a soft two-toned light green pattern and the bathroom is painted in a soothing shade of green to complement them.

So, when you are ready to book a room with us for a nice relaxing time away from home, have a look at the Juniper Room on our web site under “Rates and Reservations” and reserve it for yourself. We think you’ll be glad you did!