There’s something about an old house. It seems to have more personality. It definitely is not a cookie-cutter style as so many of the newer houses. Some older houses even have unusual little corners and hidden areas that excite the imagination. I’ve always been intrigued by older houses, especially if they have undergone additions and changes over the years. My Grandpa’s house had a hallway upstairs that went around a corner and then just ended without giving access to any other rooms. It always was dark and mysterious to a kid with an over-active imagination. Later on I learned that hallway was originally a staircase to the downstairs rooms before the house was enlarged.

The main house at Long Hollow Ranch is one hundred ten years old. It has no mysterious corners or hideaways, but it does have personality. When the settlers of the early twentieth century built their homes they were looking for practicality and durability – life was hard then. So the floor plan is quite straight-forward and predictable, but still interesting. Of course there have been a few changes to accommodate the guest facilities.

The Ochoco guest room is in the southeast corner upstairs, so named because the windows look out toward the Ochoco Mountains to the east. The room has been decorated in a style that evokes the flavor of the early farmhouse style; delicate pastel colored wallpaper, simple curtains, and coordinated bedcoverings. The bed has a comfortable queen size mattress, the floor is carpeted for comfort and noise reduction and the bathroom is painted a soothing soft green tone.

The closet area includes open shelves to conveniently store your smaller items. Many people say the Ochoco room is their favorite in the entire house.

So, next time you plan a stay at Long Hollow for a relaxing getaway you might want to try the Ochoco room. We’ll be happy to make your stay here a relaxing and pleasant one.