Years ago when I was a public school teacher, I was often moved to speak with my students about their personal performance – not only as students but as human beings. We talked about responsibility, honesty, and respect for each other as well as for teachers, parents or others in positions of authority. I encouraged them to see themselves as members of a team who were willing to work together and individually for the good of others as well as themselves.

Recently, someone shared the following qualities of a valuable member of any given group. I think these qualities sum up quite well what I was trying to teach.

  • Vision – seeing beyond the obvious, claiming new objectives
  • Unselfishness – releasing the controls and the glory
  • Teamwork – involving, encouraging and supporting others
  • Faithfulness – hanging in there, in season and out
  • Enthusiasm – bringing affirmation and excitement to a task
  • Discipline – modeling great character regardless of the odds
  • Confidence – representing security, faith and determination
  • Initiative – self-starter with contagious energy

The MVP takes into consideration not only superb individual performance but also the ability to inspire and involve ones’ teammates, encouraging and enabling them to excel. Whenever an MVP is engaged in the action, good things happen.

Here at Long Hollow Ranch, we consciously put our staff together with people who demonstrate MVP characteristics. That makes it more likely that the day-to-day tasks around the ranch will be performed in an exemplary way, and that your stay with us will be pleasant and satisfactory.

Good things do happen here!