The horses look forward to their visits from Dick.

It’s been some time since we first introduced you to our staff here at the ranch. That’s mostly because business is so good this year we haven’t had the time to do very much except for doing the good work of serving our great guests. The folks who work here haven’t had time to turn in a bio as yet and we haven’t had time to forward it to you. So now we will share how things get done around here, and a little about the people who do the work.


Handy-man Bruce can be found in the shop, most days.

First, we have Bruce and Sally Marshall whom we met in Sunday school. They are a “retired” couple who were looking for something to do with their time. Bruce is the personification of the term, ”handyman”. He either knows how to fix whatever is in need of repair or he digs through manuals and/or he searches online to find out how. We didn’t realize there were so many things that needed fixing, but he has been busy every day getting everything in good working order. He, also, has a real “servant’s heart”.  He always makes himself available to help whenever he sees a task that needs to be done.

Sally brightens our world!

Sally brightens our world!

Sally is an amazing lady. She cooks and cleans as though those are the most enjoyable things in the world to do. She seems never happier than when cleaning something. Not only that; Sally is a real team-player, and is always there to lend a hand.

Then there is our chef, Karen. After graduating from the Central Oregon Community College Culinary Institute, she came to serve the guests Long Hollow Ranch. In her former life, Karen was a court recorder. Cooking at a guest ranch couldn’t be more different from that, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Karen literally whistles while she works. And boy, can she cook. She adds humor and cheer here every day.

We’ve gained about five pounds since these two ladies started cooking here. Our meals are not heavy; it’s just that they are so good we all eat too much. Sigh………


The horses and our guests enjoy Awbrey.

Earlier, you were introduced to Katie, our horse program manager and event coordinator. Katie now has an assistant, Awbrey Cyrus, a central Oregon native who is also very familiar with ranch life. Katie and Awbrey make a great team caring for the horses, guiding the rides, and coordinating special events at Long Hollow.

Ron & Pat

Ron & Pat enjoy helping out whenever and wherever they can!


For several weeks this summer, Ron and Pat Jacobson were here helping out. Ron is a great people person who relates wonderfully well with the guests, getting to know them, and making them feel truly welcome. Pat is accomplished in all areas of cooking and house work and can get more done in twenty minutes than most of us can in an hour. We very much appreciated their help. We look forward to when they can be here again in September. Ron is, also, working with local golf courses to establish a stay and play golf program at Long Hollow Ranch.

Come visit us soon!

Come visit us soon!


Sound too good to be true? Come see for yourself.

To quote Karen, ”You’ll never be the same!” Long Hollow Ranch is truly blessed to have these great people on the ranch staff.