France 2 evening news Sisters 1Have you heard the latest news about Long Hollow Ranch? We are feeling very proud and excited right now.

During the Long Hollow Ranch annual Fourth of July celebration here at the ranch, two young journalists from France 2, the French national TV station, travelled to the ranch to film for a feature story on “Cowboy Vacations”.

They were delightful young people and everyone, staff and guests alike, very much enjoyed the experience of working with them as they were filming for the story. They did a very professional job of interviewing and filming LHR activities including guests and staff.

The story was aired on Fance2 TV, the French national TV station, with a viewership of 4.5 million! The segment lasted three and a half minutes. We received a copy of the showing and have distributed it to a number of friends of LHR. If you did not receive a copy, visit our Facebook page or click here to go directly to the program (Some of us may not understand French, but we do know they’re talking about Long Hollow Ranch!). They, also, took the opportunity to film a wedding here. A young couple tied the knot here in a truly “western cowboy wedding” during the filming.

So, if you had been here on July 4, you might very well have been on French national television. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that kind of opportunity, now would you?

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