Long Hollow Ranch will have a few new looks this year. Hopefully they will also be more helpful to our guests and more efficient for the staff. It’s always exciting when we get something new and it turns out to be a really good thing. We hope everyone will benefit from the changes and new looks at Long Hollow Ranch.

First of all, I want to talk a bit about the entrance to our ranch. When coming from Sisters on Holmes Road, the gate is on the left and the driveway, which is paved, goes downhill rather steeply through some trees. The landmark for finding the driveway is the big Old Glory flying proudly from one of the gateposts. There is also a sign with the ranch name and a big mailbox with our name and number on the side. We are attaching solar lights to the gateposts to help at night.

Secondly, there are some nifty improvements in the ranch kitchen, which should simplify the serving and clearing of food and dishes at mealtime. Our cooks and helpers are looking forward to the improved system, and hope that it will serve our guests better.

Also, the firepit has been enlarged so on those evenings when it is possible to have a bonfire, there will be room for more people. I have noticed that our guests really enjoy spending the evening around the fire, chatting over s’mores or sipping lemonade as the stars come out. If you have never seen the night sky in Central Oregon, it is a sight to behold. There is no “light pollution” here!

So, before the season gets too busy for it, we are working to make the place better than ever for you. We look forward to your visit, and to making new friends again this summer while enjoying the new looks at Long Hollow Ranch. Come on over!