This is the time of year, when things have slowed down, the weather makes you glad to be inside, and you enjoy taking it easy for a little while each day. I like to sit down with a pen and paper and just jot down thoughts that come to mind about the ranch and what we do here. I think back over the previous year about the highlights and about the things that could have been better.

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One of the highlights of 2014 was the great staff we had here at the ranch. Our cook, Karen, produced outstanding, delicious and beautifully presented meals. Sally, the housekeeper, kept all the rooms and facilities spotlessly clean and Bruce found all the little things and – some big ones – that needed fixing, and he fixed them.

Katie and Awbrey conducted a stellar horse program. They also made sure that the special events held at LHR were carried out in a professional manner. My hat goes off to all of them, as well as to the folks who came in from time to time to help out in any way they could. Of course, the guests who visited LHR in 2014 were delightful, interesting, and a joy to share some time with. Dick and I both feel that 2014 was Long Hollow Ranch’s best year ever.

Due in part to the agreeable weather and in part to our local superior irrigation system, the ranch was even more attractive than in the past. The farm fields and lawns were beautifully green, the garden was glorious in its various stages, and buildings were kept in tip-top condition. Our paths, lanes and trails gave people plenty of opportunity to enjoy the surrounding country atmosphere. We look forward to enjoying even prettier situations as we continue to clean, repair, maintain and improve our grounds.

Looking forward to 2015, we are making plans to also improve our services to guests by way of adding new activities to each week’s schedule. There will be more people available to help guests with their initial inquiries, arrival and departure processes, and daily activities.

Besides time on horseback with wranglers and other riders, one of the most enjoyable times at LHR is mealtime. While enjoying the great food, guests and staff alike discuss the events of the day. We plan to enhance this with new cookouts, picnics, and improved dining facilities at the house.

So, there is obviously work to do in preparing for the new season. As we do all we can to upgrade the ranch facilities and streamline our operation, we look forward to continue providing our guests with a high quality ranch vacation experience on this historic and scenic Central Oregon ranch in 2015.