Over the years here at Long Hollow Ranch, we have heard our guests say things like these:

“This feels just like home!”

“Coming down the driveway, my shoulders got lighter.”

“This house is just like my grandma’s!”

“It’s so peaceful here.”

“You make us feel like part of the family.”

I guess that’s one of the ways in which we could say that Long Hollow is unique as a guest ranch. And it warms our hearts and encourages us to keep doing what we do, only better – not differently.

Living out here on the ranch in a more or less secluded situation, though only minutes from the hustle and bustle of the attractions of Central Oregon, we get used to the space, quiet, and lack of crowds and traffic. When we travel to town for supplies, church or entertainment, those distractions affect us probably more than they do the folks who live there all the time. So we understand that it is good for people to get away from the busy world for awhile and just breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sound of quiet, and take in the sights of nature, the night sky, sunrises and sunsets.

Since our ranch can host only small numbers of guests at a time, the atmosphere is more personal and casual, the pace slower, and the attention more individual. Yet entertainment, attractions, activities, events and outdoor experiences abound within a short drive. That’s part of the appeal of Central Oregon; so much to do, yet it’s possible to get away from it all whenever you want to.

Since many people are looking for security, friendly relationships and enjoyable activity all wrapped up in one vacation week, we believe that a guest ranch experience fills the bill. That’s also why we recommend that you plan to stay with us for at least four days – a whole week is better. My goodness, it takes that long just to unwind, rest and recover from all the stress and strain of daily living!

So what I’m saying is that for those who are seeking a chance to really get away from it all, to step back in time to a more simple way of life, to meet a few nice people in an attractive and secure environment and to enjoy the beauty of nature from the back of a horse, you need to spend a few days at Long Hollow Ranch, a place that truly will feel just like home.

We’ll save a seat on the porch for you.