Shirley BloomfeldtShirley, Dick’s wife, is an only child and a transplant from Canada. Born in British Columbia, she lived in Saskatchewan before moving to Ontario. At the age of 12 Shirley moved with her parents from Vineland, Ontario to Niagara Falls, NY then Michigan before settling in Oregon just in time to begin her college education in Longview, WA. She earned a degree in Education at Seattle Pacific University, became a U.S. citizen and pursued a career in Elementary Education beginning in Kelso, WA and then in Rainier, OR. This lasted for the next 35 years while their two children, Debbie and Erik, were growing up.

Shirley spent much of her life in the country, around farm animals, fields of crops, orchards and gardens. In fact, gardening is almost an obsession with her. Perusing garden catalogs is a favorite winter pastime. When the Long Hollow Ranch buildings were being remodeled to accommodate the guests, Shirley insisted on including a ranch garden in the process.

She decided to include a greenhouse in the plan so that cold-intolerant plants could be grown, which resulted in seedlings starting in the spring. Now tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers, broccoli, herbs and a variety of other vegetables are grown in the garden for serving guests with fresh, healthy faire.

Shirley works with the Long Hollow Ranch cooks, housekeepers, and gardeners, to provide tasty, nutritious meals, comfortable clean rooms and attractive surroundings for our guests. She does much of the meal planning and grocery shopping.

When the original conversion to guest quarters was being done, Shirley was intimately involved in the designing and furnishing of the guest buildings, always being careful to maintain the historical Western ranch ambience. She continues to oversee the update of the guest facilities and rooms to insure they are the best they can be for accommodating the needs of LHR guests.

The business of providing B&B and dude ranch experiences requires the operators to wear a number of different hats. Under Shirley’s encouraging direction, every member of Long Hollow Ranch’s guest services team works very hard to cooperate, assist, and encourage one another as we serve our guests on the ranch.

Shirley really enjoys her work, and especially appreciates the opportunity to meet and interact with the people who travel to central Oregon from all over the world for an authentic Western working ranch experience. One only needs to read the guest comments and recommendations to understand the positive affect of her efforts.