Hi, I’m Josy, 23, from Switzerland and I was a volunteer at Long Hollow Ranch in May 2016. I spent four weeks in the pre-season of this Dude Ranch and B&B.

Long Hollow Ranch is placed in beautiful nature between green fields and dry desert. You see mountains and the great vastness of America. This place has a freedom and is very peaceful. But it’s also very quiet, far away from town and kind of isolated.

So if you want to have a lot of entertainment, meet a lot of new young people having an exciting active time here – don’t come! But if you want to spend time with very kind, lovely and sweet people, have time to think about your life and yourself, doing fantastic horseback rides on beautiful trails; if you want to help people wherever they need you, then being here and seeing this place is a must.

Honestly, I expected more work as a volunteer at Long Hollow, but it was the pre-season and that’s probably why… I had a great time helping in the B&B cleaning rooms, helping in the kitchen, ironing bedsheets, gardening and serving food.

What I really liked was meeting very different guests, hearing their stories and sharing meals with them. The group who live and work here are two older couples and a funny guy who made my stay so valuable. We had so many interesting and deep conversations, and I laughed every day with them.

At this ranch you have to be flexible. You might make plans for the day, but don’t be disappointed if they change every hour. This was something I had to learn! But you get used to it and it won’t bother you anymore.

In the time I was here I found out what is important to me that I didn’t know about myself before. If you come here be ready to find new sides of yourself! I really appreciate the time I was able to spend here, I am thankful for the people I met here, whom I can call friends now and I am thankful for the blessed spirit in this house. It made me feel welcome from the first moment.

Dick and Shirley, Pat and Ron I and the funny guy, Ron II, made it easy to feel comfortable and welcome here as a volunteer at Long Hollow. It’s like a big family who have a good time together and everyone would do anything for each other. This was heartwarming to see!