Back in the days when people were coming west to settle the land and make their fortune, a settler’s cabin was established on the land that we now call Long Hollow Ranch. The cabin was of single wall construction, with no insulation — hot in summer and cold in winter. There were no electric lights, no running water, no bathroom and no electric range in the kitchen. The ground floor had two small rooms and a steep, narrow set of steps led up to a single room upstairs. Near the back of the house stood the outhouse.

Homestead Exterior

In time the homestead land was lost and those original settlers moved on. When the Black Butte Land and Livestock Company took over the land in 1904, that settler’s cabin became a bunkhouse where the ranch cowboys stayed. In later years when many cowboys were no longer needed to do the ranch chores, the building became storage space for ranch tools and equipment. Over time it began to deteriorate.

About ten years ago we determined that it was time to either restore the building or destroy it. We chose to restore it. And, we are so glad we did. We first remodeled it for use as a gift shop.

Homestead interior 2

In 2014 we determined a much better use would be add a bathroom and adapt it to meet the increased demand for guest quarters. The building is now “The Homestead House”.

The main floor is one large room, containing a queen-size bed, an antique (non-functional) kitchen range and a sitting area. And, of course, the space now includes a modern bathroom. In the main area you can also find a microwave oven, a small refrigerator and a coffeemaker. A special feature is the shady back porch just right for enjoying the quiet ranch scenery. The large deck on the south side of the house faces the main guest house and features a nice view of the gardens.

Homestead upstairs


A new stair case leads to a spacious loft above furnished with twin beds, tables and a seating area, making the Homestead House great for families or small groups to reside while enjoying a guest ranch vacation stay. There is plenty of space and it is still close to the main house for meals and near the horse saddling area for riding.

Y’all come and enjoy a historic piece of Central Oregon history right here at Long Hollow Ranch.