Rainbow at the RanchThe 2015 season has definitely begun. As I write this, there is a group event going on in the barn. The garden is taking shape as more plants go into the ground and we get rid of a few more weeds. Guests are coming and going, and we had a full house over the Memorial Day weekend.

There are new developments in the Long Hollow Ranch staff this year. Our well-loved wrangler, Katie Williams, has taken a position at a salon supply store in order to have more time with her family. She is engaged to be married, so we wish her very well on both counts. We are grateful for the terrific job she did here at the ranch for the last five years.

Bruce and Sally are staying closer to home this summer as they offer help and friendship to their neighbors and to their church. They will also be sorely missed for their wonderful attitudes and their tireless efforts to make Long Hollow Ranch a really great place for people to visit.

One new addition to the staff this season is Tami, our wonderful breakfast cook. Fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, biscuits, lemon bars, and all sorts of other goodies, Oh my! Tami really knows how to put on a spread.

Another newcomer is Kelly, Tami’s daughter, who will be taking over Katie’s riding duties in between summer classes as she becomes more proficient in the areas of outdoor activity and safety. She is full of youthful energy and has many ideas for exciting activities for our guests.

Sarah is a young teacher who has time during the summer to work with the horse riding program, and Lance, our next-door neighbor, has been up close and personal with horses all his life and will be guiding trail rides as well. We welcome all these new people to Long Hollow and wish them the best of success here.

Ron and Pat, retirees from their positions in Northwest Oregon, are contributing their time and talents as they help with meals, housekeeping, groundskeeping and general hospitality. Pat is also involved with special events at Long Hollow Ranch and Ron is available to escort guests to local golf courses should they choose to do that instead of riding. They too are a great asset to the various programs here at the ranch.

Karen, our magical lunch and dinner cook, is back with us, impressing everyone with her delicious meals, and filling the house with her cheerful chatter and happy whistling! Dick and Shirley are still doing their best to keep the whole business running smoothly by providing what all the other workers need in order to do their jobs well. We very much appreciate their skills and positive approach to their responsibilities.

Earlier this spring we were concerned about the scant snowpack on the mountains, but lately we have had some wonderful rain showers, so everything outside is green and growing. Central Oregon is looking good right now and we are anticipating a very pleasant season this year.

In addition to the activities here at Long Hollow Ranch, there are always great events going on in Sisters, Redmond and Bend as well. Won’t you come and join us? You’ll be glad you did!