Long Hollow Ranch in Sisters, OregonWell, it is time to prepare for a new season of guests and events, and it appears that 2017 will be a fun-filled, action-packed year. The three month stay in Arizona was especially appreciated because the winter of 2017 in Central Oregon was rather severe. An accumulation of five feet of snow and very cold temperatures in December made the trip south all the more enjoyable. At times the ranch driveway was not passable and required commercial snow plow visits four times just to get in and out. Unheard of!

Spring has also been unusually chilly and rainy, but we have confidence that summer is coming so are continuing to prepare for the new season.

Rebecca, the ranch horse manager, has acquired several new horses and she and her helper, Anna, are working daily to be sure they will be ready to give everyone a very good ride.  Soon more of the staff will be arriving to help prepare for other activities including new stay and play golf packages. And, the reservoirs were just stocked with a new supply of Rainbow trout for fly-fishing.

Of course the Big Event this year will be the Total Solar Eclipse in August. Central Oregon just happens to be in the prime viewing path for observing the total eclipse, which happens at 10:21 AM, Monday, August 21. For about two hours we will be in partial darkness and for about two minutes it will be totally dark. The stars will be visible, animals will be still (maybe asleep!) and folks will experience a once-in-a-lifetime event. Current estimates are that 500,000 people will flock to the area for this event. Merchants and state and local agencies are working to prepare for providing lodging, foodservice and transportation. It should be a very exciting few days, with people coming from around the world to experience this eclipse. Reservations from people from Europe were confirmed over a year age.

Long Hollow Ranch has been nominated for the honor of 10 Best Dude Ranches in America. The final standing will be determined by the votes of friends and fans of the ranches nominated. Simply click this link to cast your vote!

We need all our friends/supporters to vote early and vote daily for the next few weeks – the contest closes May 22.

Long Hollow Ranch is smaller than most ranches that have large followings, large staff and large mailing lists.  We do have a base of faithful voters. So please check out the post on our Facebook page and give us your support by voting! Thank you very much; we really appreciate every one of you.

We hope you have a happy and beautiful spring and we look forward to seeing many of you this year at the ranch!