A dude ranch vacationDo your daydreams include riding across the open western plains and hills on the back of a beautiful animal with a breeze in the air and the sun at your back? Have you always loved the look of a graceful horse, or a racing steed? As a child, was your favorite drawing subject a horse with flowing mane? Do you sometimes wish for the peace and quiet of wide open country and the companionship of down-to-earth homey folks who put on no pretenses? Or do you just long for the chance to relax while others provide activities, comfortable surroundings, and really good food for you?

Good news – those dreams and longings can be satisfied on a dude ranch vacation. For decades Western ranchers have been opening their homes and offering their horses to city-weary visitors looking for a taste of the lifestyle of the Western ranch. That’s not to say that ranch life is carefree or easy. It isn’t, but it is more peaceful and certainly less stressful than the hustle and bustle of city life. The most common comment we hear from visitors to Long Hollow Ranch is: “It’s so peaceful here.”

One thing that we here at the ranch love to watch is the way guests mingle and begin to develop new friendships. They end up exchanging addresses and inviting each other, and ranch staff members as well, to come and visit them. Sometimes they make plans to meet at the ranch again the following year. This is a safe and easy way to nurture new relationships. It clearly takes time to develop friendships, so we recommend that guests plan to stay at least four nights, but a six-day week is even more effective. Many people plan their vacations with the opportunity for friendship-building in mind, so a dude ranch stay is just the place to fill that need.

Safety and security are concerns for many people, particularly women traveling alone. A dude ranch vacation is ideal for these vacationers. Farms and ranches are generally very safe places to be. Of course there are hazards such as farm machinery, and trail riding does involve close contact with animals, both domestic and sometimes wild ones too. However at Long Hollow our horses are carefully chosen for their dependability and agreeable natures. Our wranglers are careful to match riders to horses and all the rides are guided. We are very conscious of our responsibility to do all in our power to keep our guests safe. We have an excellent safety record and want to keep it that way.

Another part of vacation-planning is expense and travel convenience. Services differ from ranch to ranch, creating a range of rates for each one. Long Hollow is a relatively small guest facility offering great food, good horses and comfortable rooms and beds, all at very competitive prices. We are easy to reach by car or plane. Vacationers can reach Long Hollow by driving through beautiful countryside on good Oregon highways. Alternatively, the Redmond airport is only 25 minutes away and rental cars are available there, or we will happily pick up guests who prefer not to drive.

So, for good food, interesting people, gentle but spirited horses, and attentive hosts, consider spending your next holiday week on a dude ranch vacation at Long Hollow Ranch in the stunning beauty of scenic Central Oregon.