IMG_1641There was an old saying, ”The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Nowadays, I believe that applies to anyone and maybe it always did. At any rate, we take that idea very seriously at Long Hollow Ranch. Our meals are designed to feed body and soul.

One thing we find that really makes our guests happy is sitting around the dining table as a group, rather than at individual tables. People from around the globe become acquainted with each other, their homelands, lifestyles, and families. They share ideas, beliefs, dreams, jokes, hopes, fears, and questions. Sometimes they even argue politics or plumb the depths of religious tenets. All of this builds community and relationships, which is a major function of dude ranch vacations. People become friends – what a concept! This is especially gratifying for us to watch since we have to opportunity to meet and host guests from countries around the world.

Mealtime should appeal to the senses in many ways. We prepare meals that will appeal first of all to the sense of smell (how can you not like waking up in the morning to the smell of bacon frying?) The dishes also need to appeal to the eye, so food presentation is very important. The eating area is clean and attractive, and there are few distractions. Our cooking style is down-home, meant to remind us of Grandma’s house when we were kids. Long Hollow Ranch is, after all, an old western ranch.

All in all, mealtime at the Long Hollow Ranch dining table is a very satisfying experience. We have made many friends there at the dining table while enjoying a good, home-cooked ranch meal together.