5805918707006010226We just made it to the middle of September and we have experienced our first significant frost. This is a normal late summer/early fall occurrence in Central Oregon. It freezes just enough to blacken the tops of some plants and completely stops the further development of others. The blackened ones will likely recover just in time for the hard frost that will stop them cold. So, from here on, gardening consists of harvesting the remaining good crops, gathering ripened seeds, and clearing out the old, dead stuff.

Katie and Awbrey have already cleared out a great deal of dead material. The flowers have spread scads of seeds for next year and I’m already considering some changes to the garden. This year, it was really getting overgrown. I guess we’ve discovered the plants that like living here! In July and August the garden was remarkably pretty.

All in all, though, we consider fall to be our favorite time of year here at Long Hollow Ranch. The daytime temperatures are mellow even though nights can be crisp. The grass is still green and the trees are beginning to show signs of turning to fall colors. It’s really quite comfortable outside and we can still eat some meals outdoors, comfortably.

This has been a very busy season for us and we still have a good number of guests scheduled for the next several weeks and into October. We’ve had the great opportunity to meet a good many, really nice and very interesting people from the US and around the world. A significant number of our former guests have returned this year, some more than once!

It’s, also, been possible this year to make some significant improvements around the ranch. We’ve been blessed with the best staff ever in many ways and we are grateful to them all. Learn more about the members of our ranch family that have helped Long Hollow make these improvements over the past year.

So, if you feel the need for a little getaway and you enjoy the unique beauty, ambience, and special events of early fall in Sisters Country, why not come on over? We’ll do our best to make your stay comfortable, fun, and relaxing. Reserve your room today!