It’s well known and understood that to operate a successful business, one must have a capable, committed and dependable staff. So I would like to introduce you now to the group of people who make Long Hollow Ranch operate successfully. (Of course there would be no need for any of us if it were not for the wonderful guests who come to Long Hollow Ranch from around the world!)

Dick and Shirley have been living and working at Long Hollow since the spring of 2000, shortly before the guest business began. With the help of several partners they got the buildings remodeled, attended Dude Ranch School (called Eggshells in the Coffee) assembled a herd of trail horses, and got out the word that there was a new Dude Ranch in Oregon open for business. At that early stage only two other couples were working with them, as business was sparse. Over time a number of others have lent their time, energy and expertise to the operation as Dick and Shirley continued to cook, clean, answer telephone and email inquiries, and of course make regular trips to town for supplies!

This year Ron and Pat Jacobson are back for their third summer to coordinate guest services and maintain the grounds. They work hard, do an excellent job and the grounds and buildings always look wonderful. Guests’ needs are taken care of by Pat, and Ron loves to visit with guests, learn their stories and befriend them.

Karen Jordan is back for her third year as lunch and dinner cook. She does a fabulous job in the kitchen, and sometimes her hubby comes to man the BBQ at dinner time too. Everyone enjoys Karen’s cheerful demeanor as she literally whistles while she works.

New to the ranch this year is a young lady by the name of Alison Wallace. She is taking care of the horses and the riding program. She and Ron Kmiecik have been busy the last few weeks re-homing horses that are no longer happy being trail horses, taking care of health issues, replacing the re-homed animals and preparing the herd for their summer work. We are confident that Alison will provide excellent riding experiences for our guests.

Speaking of Ron – we call him “ranch Ron”, and the aforementioned Ron “lawn Ron” – he has been here most of the time since last Christmas and has been an invaluable help with whatever needs to be taken care of. He loves the animals and treats them all well. He makes sure that fences are in good order and that there is enough feed for all the cattle and horses. He takes pictures of beautiful sunrises, cute animals and any other things he finds interesting. These photos are provided for use with blogs, enewsletters and the website in general.

We have a part time breakfast cook this year. Kerrie Wallace, Alison’s mom, comes twice a week to prepare breakfast and to bake cookies, rolls, bread, and anything else we ask for. Kerrie is also a good horseback rider, so we know where Alison learned her way with horses. We are very pleased to have both of these ladies on the staff this year.

Trever Schutte, who was with us last summer, is back again this year. He is a student at Sisters High School and lives next door to us, only a mile or so away! Trever takes care of all sorts of ranch chores from feeding to irrigating to helping with the horses.

In addition to these people we also are looking forward to hosting five Workaway volunteers this summer. Right now Josie Neubauer is here from Switzerland, helping wherever she is needed. We enjoy these international volunteers as they tell us about life in their countries and learn about life here at Long Hollow. And of course their talents and skills are very much appreciated.

So you see that it takes quite a group to take care of a dude ranch in Oregon like this. There is always plenty to do, but each person knows his or her part in the plan and in the end everything gets done. You might say we are a well-oiled machine. My thanks to all.