bedbreakfast-cottageOne of the more interesting units for guest accommodations at Long Hollow Ranch is the Cottage, primarily because of its interesting history.

The original part of the building is, likely, older than the main LHR guest house by several years. It was built originally as a stagecoach stop on the Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountain Military Road. Mail and supplies were brought from Albany, Oregon, all the way to Prineville on that road. Of course, its main function was to supply a small military outpost called Camp Polk near Sisters. The Camp didn’t last long, but the road survived and was very useful to the early settlers in Central Oregon. It wound its way from Sisters to Long Hollow, passing right through the ranch and in front of the Cottage. The present driveway is part of that road.

Later, when the Black Butte Land and Livestock Company owned the ranch, the building was used as a commissary for cowboys who worked here. Since the Company owned four other large ranches in the area in addition to Long Hollow, employees sometimes had long distances to travel and needed to take supplies along to sustain themselves on the trail in the open range. To this day, we still have some of the rustic wooden bins that contained food items such as rice, beans, and dried apples.

When the ranch buildings were remodeled for use as guest ranch accommodations, the Cottage building had already been used as a guest house, so it was doubled in size to contain a complete kitchen and living room in addition to the sleeping quarters and bathroom. It makes a nice, comfortable, and private space for visiting families, yet they are close enough to the main house to still be part of the group.

Here are a few details you won’t want to miss about the Cottage:

  • It can accommodate up to six guests comfortably. The actual total number depends on the family configuration.
  • It is decorated in an attractive contemporary rustic style that guests seem to appreciate, yet it retains the old ranch look.
  • Full kitchen, bedroom and living area make this a perfect reservation opportunity for small families.

Come and see for yourself; guests are always welcome to the Cottage. Check the availability and reserve the Cottage, today!