This blog post is straight from one of our guests who visited last weekend and just had to share… Enjoy!

IMG_3083This was my fifth visit to Long Hollow Ranch, and I felt like I was coming home.  Dick, Shirley, Dentzie and Katie had just finished lunch when I arrived and I took my bags up to Metolius, my room upstairs.  A wedding party arrived shortly and their festivities began. It was fun to watch from a distance as they prepared for their special evening.



For mid-September, the weather was warm, around 90 degrees!  After completing some work, I took a drive to capture photos of the breath-taking sunset.


As expected, my evening was relaxing and my writer’s block even lifted as I settled into a quiet country night. Besides the ‘usual’ things I look forward to when visiting, like the sheer beauty, peacefulness and fun activities in God’s country, I always look forward to a restful night’s sleep.

During one of my previous visits to Long Hollow Ranch, Shirley had shared with me the story of an elderly gentleman who had come to stay with them years before. He was 95 a year old, southern California man who woke up raving from the breakfast table about the bed he had the pleasure of sleeping in the night before.  His experience with that bed prompted him to ask Dick and Shirley where they had purchased the mattresses, to which they replied with the name and address of a company in Bend where they had all of the Ranch’s mattresses made.

That was money wisely spent!  The 95-year old had a mattress made for him and shipped to his home in California. Yes, he loved it that much.  And I’m tempted to do the same.

After sound sleep, I awoke before my alarm to the sky lightening on the horizon.  Grabbing my camera, I headed out to watch the sun rise.



My morning was topped off with hand-made waffles with peaches and chile eggs.  And although this was a quick, overnight trip – it is always well-worth the stay.




Dick and Shirley make Long Hollow Ranch feel like home. With comfortable accommodations, gorgeous scenery and friendly faces, this working ranch tops my list of one of the best places on the planet!

Thanks for making it feel like home! – J.T.