Summer is moving right along and it’s almost time to bring the cattle home from range pasture. It seems just like last week that we took them up to the range. It’s been a very busy summer here at LHR with lots of visitors from near and far. But there’s still plenty of time to enjoy good weather and time in the saddle, riding the trails.

The Bring ‘em Home Cattle Drive is scheduled for Thursday, July 31st. Katie and Awbrey take our guest riders up the rimrock to the pastures where they begin hunting for the cattle which are spread out over five square miles of range country. Some of the animals are easy to find hanging out at the watering trough. Others are off foraging among the sagebrush and Junipers, or just keeping cool under the shade of the Juniper and Pine trees. This is an excellent time to practice your riding skills. Moving cows and calves requires a bit more expertise than just following a trail.

Around noon the riders are met up on the range by the ranch kitchen crew for a lunch break. This gives the horses a little rest while the riders, hot and dusty, get off and enjoy some tasty ranch food and cold lemonade, iced tea and LHR’s signature clear, cool well water.

Guests who want to experience the cattle drive will need to arrive a few days early to familiarize themselves with the terrain and the horses, and to learn some basics of cattle-moving.

We still have a couple of openings for would-be cowboys and cowgirls to come along and help out, so just call us to assure yourself a spot for some old-fashioned fun. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!