Trip-Advisor-logoDo you use TripAdvisor to check out a place you plan to go? We are finding that many of our guests go to TripAdvisor when looking for a B&B or guest ranch to visit. And, then they choose Long Hollow Ranch based on the reviews they found there.

We are very pleased and happy to announce that TripAdvisor has declared Long Hollow Ranch a 2014 Winner of their Certificate of Excellence. Our guests have been overwhelmingly gracious in giving us the top ratings for our food, service and accommodations, and we really appreciate that. It really does pay to do our best to do everything we can to serve our wonderful guests.

One of the things guests like about Long Hollow Ranch is the very comfortable and high quality beds in our rooms. We know they are here for rest and relaxation, or they are enjoying strenuous activities liking riding, biking or hiking in Central Oregon, so they need a good restful night’s sleep. Therefore we provide those items that will maximize the comfort of our beds.

We also pride ourselves on the tasty meals we prepare for our guests. We use only quality meats, fruits and vegetables, much of it produced right here on the ranch. Most of our baked goods are homemade; waffles, pancakes, scones and corn breads are cooked in our kitchen using only high quality ingredients. In-season fresh vegetables come from our own ranch gardens and the beef is grown right here on the ranch.

Another important feature is cleanliness. Our housekeepers are some of the most fastidious people around. Even the lawns and grounds are kept up carefully. Many guests comment on the beauty of the ranch and buildings.

So, we want to say a great big ”Thank You” to all who have taken the time to go to the TripAdvisor website and write a nice review describing your experience at Long Hollow Ranch.