IMG_1929The 1905 historic ranch house at Long Hollow Ranch has five guest rooms, one on the ground floor and four upstairs.

The room known as Metolius is right at the head of the stairs, in the northeast corner of the house. Since that corner most nearly points to the location of the Metolius River and the tiny village of Metolius, the room takes its name from those geographical places. The windows overlook the lawn, which is shaded by several large trees, as well as the back yard, though a large Vine Maple mostly blocks that view.

Metolius is decorated in colors of gold and maroon. It has a queen size bed with a headboard handmade of re-finished barn wood from an abandoned ranch building, two nightstands and a quaint country-style bench. The en-suite bath includes a private closet, storage shelves, and a roomy shower. There are electric heaters in both the bedroom and bathroom. An air conditioner is added during the hot summer months, as it is not a necessity during most of the year. Makeup removal towelettes, a hair dryer, and shower amenities, along with plenty of towels, are provided for each of our guests. Visitors often comment on how well they have slept on the exceptionally comfortable mattresses.

The style of the house is reminiscent of traditional Midwestern farmhouses. Since it dates back to 1905, significant remodeling and updating were necessary to adapt the rooms to accommodate guests at the Ranch.

Unlike the occupants a hundred years ago, our guests are able to enjoy private bathrooms and the comfort of insulated walls, heaters and air conditioners.

For a taste of authentic Ranch life in the Old West, come join us in Central Oregon. We’d love to meet you and share our lifestyle with you.