guests of long hollow ranchAs 2016 winds to a close we celebrate first our time of Thanksgiving, then everyone’s favorite holiday of all, Christmas, and we look forward to a new year and a time to start afresh in all our endeavors. I am truly thankful this year for all the wonderful folk who chose to visit and be guests of Long Hollow, some for the first time and others for a repeat visit. I’m thankful also for the good people who worked at Long Hollow this year to provide our guests with great food, amazing rides and comfortable clean rooms. It was a great year for us and we look forward to even better times in 2017.

At the present time we are in the process of bringing out a new improved and up-to-date website. Watch for new developments in the Activities tab and the Gallery. We will be introducing new packages that should help prospective guests in the booking process. There will be new descriptions of our Accommodations and Activities, as well as a new system for booking your stay.

Can’t believe we’ve been in business for sixteen years now! We have met wonderful people from all over this great country and around the world. One who pops into mind is young Noah, a boy from China who entertained us with his Rubik’s cube and his yo-yo, doing things with them that I had never seen before. He also rode while holding a stick out front that had some grass tied to it to tempt his mount to keep moving forward! What fun! Then there was the boy from Japan who presented each one of us with origami swans that he had made in his spare time. He spoke no English, but kindness speaks a universal language.

Others who have left their mark on LHR are people who have labored faithfully to make us the best we could be. Karen, our lunch and dinner cook the last few years comes to mind. Also Ron, who made sure that the ranch lawns were beautifully green and groomed, especially for all the weddings. Special people who have done their best for the guests of Long Hollow are volunteers like Sebastian, who came not just one summer but two, to repair anything that needed it. I don’t have room to mention all the good folks, but want to express appreciation to every one of them.

So here’s a wish for all the folks who visited Long Hollow and those who gave of themselves for us all; Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!