BeateI had a wonderful time with the Long Hollow Ranch Family. I felt “at home.” Larry and Chathy make the best meals of America ( I know!) Shirley and Dick are the best host I ever knew – they were even more to me, they are friends, like all the other members of this Ranch: Alicia, Kathy, Kesha, Betheny, Cathy, Larry and Howdy. There is also this very nice women, the friend of Shirley – Philis, who was so nice to help me get a Silverdollar, to buy my horse in Germany. I loved the wonderful horses, especially Bo and Chance, the horses I had in the arena and on this great, never forgettable, trails I had. I saw: snacks, over 50 elks, an owl – what an adventure! I had so a good time here with all of you and it’s hard to go again, but I will come here back – I know I will!

We keep in touch, I love all of you, God Bless you!

Stay as you are yours


Thank you so much for everything!

8/15-22, 2014