Long hollow ranch guests - winter updates from the ranchWell, the turkey is finished, the trees are down, the gifts exchanged or put to use, the last carols sung, and even the New Year’s Eve fireworks are over. I want to wish all our Long Hollow Ranch guests and friends the best of times in this coming year. Let’s hope for and work toward the realization of good things for our families in particular and our country in general.

As for Dick and me, we had a very nice Christmas celebration with at least part of the family visiting for a few days. We enjoyed indoor games, dinner out at least once, and outdoor skating for the kids. Redmond and Bend both have outdoor ice rinks available for the public during the winter months. Just before year’s end Dick and I loaded the Expedition and headed for Phoenix, Arizona, where we spend three months every year. It is a nice break from everyday ranch business and cold Central Oregon weather, and we are enjoying it. Since our daughter and her husband and Dick’s sister and her husband all live here full time we also are able to spend time with them. So our holiday celebrations are now complete.

Much of our time away from home is spent on ranch business since many people plan their vacations and many couples get engaged during the holidays. That means that they contact us for information about this year’s vacation or about an upcoming wedding. There is also work to be done in preparation for tax time. Regular chores like bank reconciliations and other business legalities must be taken care of as well. Therefore we are not really on vacation, but our surroundings are more comfortable in the warm climate. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have this respite.

Long hollow ranch guests - winter updates from the ranchWe don’t need to worry about the condition of the ranch or the horses as they are being very well cared for by our wrangler, Becka. She sees to it that the horses have feed, water and shelter every day. By the way, there is a brand new horse shelter not too far from the barn that was completed just before we left and I understand the horses like it. We feel very good about Becka being at the ranch since she is conscientious and careful about all the details regarding the care of the facilities and animals. Soon Petra, a volunteer from the UK, will arrive to help Becka with her many responsibilities.

Our new website is lovely and hopefully everyone will be navigating it without difficulty. We plan to be adding more photos and specific information about our vacation packages before too long. Becka has some good ideas for horse activities besides trail rides and other outdoor activities that we have not offered before, so watch for information on these developments.

Again, we wish you and all our Long Hollow Ranch guests a blessed New Year full of happy surprises!