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It is so refreshing to find a B&B like yours

Dear All, You have been so kind to us. We loved your ranch and all it’s beauty. It is so refreshing to find a B&B like yours. Take care and God Bless. Andy, Peggy, Noah, and Cailyn 6/17/2001 University Place, Washington

I can’t get over the beauty of the mountains

A great big thank you to all of you who took such excellent care of us. It was a wonderful week –The horses are great - Wish I could take some home! The wranglers are the best, take ultra good care of them. They have got such wonderful gentle hearts and spirits. God Bless them and all of you! The food was fantastic and fresh and I enjoyed it so much. God gave us such wonderful scenery to experience. I can’t get over the beauty of the mountains. They amaze me as my Savior does. Thank for having us. It was great fellowship and I appreciate all the stories God Bless, Terri 6/10/2008 Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

We didn’t know there was anywhere left on earth that was so peaceful and quit

Thank you so much for the hospitality. It was great relearning to relax. Oh, and to sleep solid through the night. We didn’t know there was anywhere left on earth that was so peaceful and quiet. Even though it rained, we had a wonderful time. We will definitely be back. Everyone was so much fun. Kohl had the best time of his life. Thanks again Love, Ken and Suzanne Wallahan & Kohl 5/8-11, 2005

What a great place!

What a great place! Beautiful setting, warm and friendly people and terrific meals! You have made our move to Bend far less stressful and we look forward to a long friendship. The cattle round- up and work details were just what I needed and the trip to Mitchell was priceless! Thank you so much for my birthday party. It meant a lot to me. The best thing about our stay at Long Hollow is the great friends that we now have. Thanks again for everything Love, Roy And Daca Thomas 5/3/2005

A warm and friendly atmosphere

Thank you for providing such a warm and friendly atmosphere here at Long Hollow. We had a wonderful time relaxing, laughing, and sharing many experiences with both of you and my sister and brother-in-law. This was a perfect setting for our reunion and a great beginning of our new adventure in Oregon. The food was fabulous, rooms very comfortable, and the night bellowing of the mother cows very soothing. The ride with Alicia was wonderful. We look forward to returning to the area in April – This makes leaving tomorrow much easier. Love & Blessings Ray 3/15/2005

A wondrous place to relax, recoup and rejuvenate

What a delight to be a guest and experience the other side of the B&B visit. I couldn’t have chosen a more wondrous place to relax, recoup and rejuvenate. Since I own a B&B, I know what work it is to make it all run smoothly. Bud and Marlene, you really couldn’t have done any more to make this such a delightful getaway. The ranch house was charming, warm, and cozy. The breakfasts were exceptional and the conversations we had gave us a view of life on a ranch in Eastern Oregon. The three of us needed a rest for various reasons in our busy lives and I feel the good Lord led us to this beautiful ranch. Thank you again for this delightful visit. Alicia was just the greatest! Being a novice, we were all a little conscious, but Alicia made us feel so comfortable. Our horseback ride will always be a special memory as will our entire stay. God bless you all and thank you for everything. Diane Cole Charleston, Illinois   Elizabeth Cole Portland, OR   Ron Ezetta Portland, OR 10/8-10, 2004

A fun and relaxing few days

Thank you very much for such a fun and relaxing few days. Alicia was a great and warm teacher. Roo and I think our lessons here were the very best we’ve ever taken. And it was nice meeting Bud, Marlene, Cathy, Dick, Shirley, Alicia and Howdy too. Thank you for accommodating us so excellently – at the last minute. God Bless, Kristy and Roo Takagi 9/8-10, 2004

A little piece of heaven

What a beautiful place - “a little piece of heaven”! Ron and I had a great time. The meals were superb – better than some of the bay area eaterys. The folks here at Long Hollow Ranch were friendly and a pleasure to visit with. We feel so fortunate to have met all of you! We have a sweet memory of the peaceful time here. Love to all of you and God bless you! Ron and Teresa Hawk 9/3-6, 2004

I felt at home

I had a wonderful time with the Long Hollow Ranch Family. I felt “at home.” Larry and Chathy make the best meals of America ( I know!) Shirley and Dick are the best host I ever knew – they were even more to me, they are friends, like all the other members of this Ranch: Alicia, Kathy, Kesha, Betheny, Cathy, Larry and Howdy. There is also this very nice women, the friend of Shirley - Philis, who was so nice to help me get a Silverdollar, to buy my horse in Germany. I loved the wonderful horses, especially Bo and Chance, the horses I had in the arena and on this great, never forgettable, trails I had. I saw: snacks, over 50 elks, an owl - what an adventure! I had so a good time here with all of you and it’s hard to go again, but I will come here back – I know I will! We keep in touch, I love all of you, God Bless you! Stay as you are yours Beate Thank you so much for everything! 8/15-22, 2014

Time to relax, refresh, and smell the roses

To all the wonderful people at Long Hollow Ranch… Marlene, Budy, Kathy, Larry, Shirley, Dick, Alicia and Katie, Thank you for his wonderful experience giving us time to relax, refresh and smell the roses… er …horses, actually. We really enjoyed being able to ride so much and “Driving the cattle” was the best! Thanks again for everything. We’ll be back!! Sue and Larry Broder Bellevue, Washington PS. Love also to Doc & Beaux!

A true oasis

You are a true oasis- my parents and I enjoyed an all too brief horse riding stay with you and now it's time to depart. I wish we could stay longer! (although my appetite wishes I stay forever) To Dick, Shirley, Marlene, Bud, Kathy, Larry, Alicia and Katherine – Thank you – you are all a joy and I am glad my path crossed with yours. You can be sure that if my travels bring me back here – I will you have space for me to stay again Love & Blessings Sue Rolfe 5/31 - 6/2, 2015

A wonderful way to spend our anniversary

What a wonderful treat! We have felt very pampered here at Long Hollow Ranch. The food is fantastic. The accomodations for us and our horses was the best. We will be returning and looking forward to seeing all the friends we have made here. It was a wonderful way to spend our anniversary and I know that Al and Donna feel the same. Riding out from the Ranch was spectacular.   Thank you for sharing this place with us. Dan & Georgia Kowitz 6/11-14, 2004 Harrisburg, OR

Our homecoming is complete

Back to the N.W. and once again to the extended family at Long Hollow! So our “homecoming” is complete. We had a fine weekend and look forward to more time here. Peace! John & Elaine God Bless & thank you to the care takers—you do wonderfully! 10/6/2002

It felt as if I was back in Hawaii

Hey. My stay here was great. I had so much fun hiking and walking around. Picnicing and my favorite horseback riding. Everyone here was so friendly and it felt as if I was back in Hawaii. You made my stay here very memorable and something I will never forget. I learned a lot and made new friends along the way. My stay here was great fun and I would like to come back and stay here again. Thanks so much again! Aloha! Mychal Hatae PS take care of Mandy (horse) for me… she is so sweet. I wanna come back 2 visit her! 6/12/2013 Honolulu, Hawaii

The horseback riding was wonderful

Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had here. We have really enjoyed getting to know all of you. Thank for the golf and lunch Dick. We had a great time. You are all wonderful people and made our time here remeberable. Marlene and Bud thanks for the Diamond B experience. We had lots of fun doing that with you. The horseback riding was wonderful seeing God’s country is amazing. May God bless you and this dude ranch. God bless Jeff and Debbie Simonson 9/28/2002 Clackamas, Oregon

A highlight to our vacation

Bless you Dick & Shirley! What a highlight to our vacation. Another memory to enjoy and a friendship to cherish. Going on the trail ride was a BIG victory for my fear of horses. Josh was superb! Meeting Jim and Sandy was so neat too. This is prophetic but don’t be surprised if we bring our 5th wheel down sometime to visit and for helpyou here at the ranch. We just loved it! Thank for all your hard work and your giving spirit. Please know that you are always welcome at our house.

A quiet, restful atmosphere

Greg and I came here to celebrate out twentieth anniversary. We couldn’t have picked a better place. It provided a quiet, restful atmosphere. We were able to enjoy this beautiful country and sped some time to step out of our too hectic lives to talk and set some goals for ourselves and our family. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality and friendship. We hope to come here again. May God richly bless your ministry here! Greg and Carol Vanderwall 10/1/2001

Two wonderful days at your farm

It was a pleasure for us to meet you and to enjoy your kind hospitality. We had two wonderful days at your farm. Many thanks for all and best wishes. Gilta and Paul Stocklin 7/8/2001

An unexpected wonderful surprise

This has been an unexpected wonderful surprise. I will spread the word about your wonderful spread. You helped make my mom’s Birthday special. Thanks loads Excellent breakfast Patty Bradley 7/4/2001 Philomath, Oregon

What a treat!

What a treat to meet some of your neighbors at the open house. The Booker family was delightful. Bless your hearts, Dick & Shirley, for your love and support of those kids. Bob & Debbie Stephens 3/18/2001 From Brightwood, Oregon

Looking Back – and Ahead

This is the time of year, when things have slowed down, the weather makes you glad to be inside, and you enjoy taking it easy for a little while each day. I like to sit down with a pen and paper and just jot down thoughts that come to mind about the ranch and what we do here. I think back over the previous year about the highlights and about the things that could have been better. One of the highlights of 2014 was the great staff we had here at the ranch. Our cook, Karen, produced outstanding, delicious and beautifully presented meals. Sally, the housekeeper, kept all the rooms and facilities spotlessly clean and Bruce found all the little things and - some big ones - that needed fixing, and he fixed them. Katie and Awbrey conducted a stellar horse program. They also made sure that the special events held at LHR were carried out in a professional manner. My hat goes off to all of them, as well as to the folks who came in from time to time to help out in any way they could. Of course, the guests who visited LHR in 2014 were delightful, interesting, and a joy to share some time with. Dick and I both feel that 2014 was Long Hollow Ranch’s best year ever. Due in part to the agreeable weather and in part to our local superior irrigation system, the ranch was even more attractive than in the past. The farm fields and lawns were beautifully green, the garden was glorious in its various stages, and buildings were kept in tip-top condition. Our paths, lanes and trails gave people plenty of opportunity to enjoy the [...]

Going International

One of the most interesting aspects of the dude ranch business is the exposure to international culture and custom. At Long Hollow Ranch here in little ol’ Sisters, Oregon, we have actually hosted guests from fifty-five countries around the world! There have been as many as three or four countries represented around the dinner table at one time. Now that is a lot of fun! This Christmas there were people from western Oregon, southern California, and India at the table. These were our first guests from India, a couple that were in Oregon to visit their daughter who has been working in Portland for ten years. During their visit they were taking a mini-tour of the state. All the folks at the table were active and well-educated so there was lively conversation. It was a great experience for all of us. I can’t help thinking that if more people could experience this, there may well be a better understanding leading to less strife in our world. The first year we were open I was at the main guest house cleaning and preparing for a wedding that was to take place that Saturday. The ceremony was to be held on the front lawn and all rooms were rented for the weekend for the wedding guests. I had made it clear that we should take no more reservations for the week because I wanted to keep things in a state of readiness. Around four o’clock on Tuesday the phone rang and the local Chamber of Commerce informed me that they had someone in the office who desperately needed rooms for the next few nights. I told her I hadn’t been planning to take more guests, but she [...]

Christmas at the Ranch

Winter came in with a bang this year, and earlier than usual. In mid-November it snowed for two and a half days and we ended up with about two feet of snow that stayed for over a week. By Thanksgiving things were more normal with sunny days, some rain, some wind – pretty typical fall weather. By the time Christmas rolled around it was wintery, but snow didn’t come again till several days later. Before Christmas Katie made sure the guest quarters were clean and that there was a beautiful tree decorated in the living room. She also strung lights around the verandah and the Cottage porch, making everything look really festive. Christmas was quite jolly at Long Hollow Ranch. Bruce and Sally came in to help with the big meals, and we had fun fixing lots of yummy food. We had as many as twelve guests one day, all of them very nice people. A family with four young children stayed in the Cottage, but had breakfasts in the dining room as well as dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Dinners were very enjoyable with plenty of good food and pleasant conversation. After dinner we gathered around the piano in the living room and sang Christmas carols. Even the young children enjoyed that while sitting on comfortable laps. In the morning when Bruce and Sally went out to feed the horses, the guests rode along on the feed truck. Sally reported that the horses behaved themselves unusually well and the guests had fun getting acquainted with them. The last guests to arrive were from India, just taking a tour through Oregon. That made India the fifty-fifth country to be represented at Long Hollow [...]

Thinking it Over

The 2014 Dude Ranch season has come to an end. It was a great one! People came from all over the USA and from other countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. We enjoyed the interaction with folks from around the world. What an experience! To visit, exchange views, learn about other cultures, and forge new friendships in this way is a privilege we could never enjoy otherwise. And our guests would not get the personal touch or the experience of “real America” as they see it here at Long Hollow Ranch if they stayed in hotels or hit the high spots on a “canned” tour. This Thanksgiving we hosted a family group from the Portland area. They enjoyed a traditional Turkey Day dinner, a comfortable night’s sleep, a hearty home-cooked breakfast the next morning and even a lunch of turkey, dressing, and other goodies left from Thursday’s dinner before they headed home. There was also plenty of opportunity for them to enjoy the outdoors as they explored the ranch and visited the horses or played with Bandit the dog. The evening was spent playing games or reading. So now it is time to evaluate the 2014 season and begin planning for the 2015 season. We would really like to hear from our guests; what you enjoyed the most, and suggestions for things that would have made your stay even better. Plans are underway to make 2015 the best year ever at Long Hollow Ranch, so check back to see what might be coming up. As you consider your vacation plans for 2015, imagine a mother-daughter week at Long Hollow (or father-son, or grandparents-grandkids ) trail-riding, hiking or fishing. What a great way to enjoy [...]

Ranch Reunion Retreats

Is it time for your family to have a family reunion? Do you have a group of classmates who would like to spend a day together? How about your colleagues at work? Would a special day’s outing help to build your team, or just give you an opportunity to relax together in a non-work setting? At Long Hollow Ranch we can accommodate your reunion or retreat with a small group for several days and nights, or a larger group for the day. A few years ago a family of 16 spent a vacation week here at Long Hollow Ranch. Grandma and Grandpa brought their motorhome, and the rest of the family members stayed in the main guest house and the ranch cottage. Long Hollow Ranch provided all of their meals, some of them in one of our several outdoor settings on the ranch. They rode the horses, hiked on one of the ranch trails and even spent a day on a river raft trip. They also participated in the other activities provided on the ranch and others nearby. It was a great family retreat experience. They became better acquainted as a family and enjoyed sharing the experiences on horseback, on the river and as they played lawn games, went for walks, watched movies, soaked in the hot tub, and just sat talking or reading, or making music together. The ranch facilities were theirs to enjoy by themselves. Long Hollow Ranch did with meal planning, cooking and clean-up. Yay! A vacation for Mom, too. There are plenty of shows, fairs, musical programs, rodeos, or other recreational activities available within a 40 mile radius of the ranch. Guests at Long Hollow Ranch are able to conveniently take [...]

Central Oregon Ranch Experience

This blog post is straight from one of our guests who visited last weekend and just had to share... Enjoy! This was my fifth visit to Long Hollow Ranch, and I felt like I was coming home.  Dick, Shirley, Dentzie and Katie had just finished lunch when I arrived and I took my bags up to Metolius, my room upstairs.  A wedding party arrived shortly and their festivities began. It was fun to watch from a distance as they prepared for their special evening.     For mid-September, the weather was warm, around 90 degrees!  After completing some work, I took a drive to capture photos of the breath-taking sunset. As expected, my evening was relaxing and my writer's block even lifted as I settled into a quiet country night. Besides the 'usual' things I look forward to when visiting, like the sheer beauty, peacefulness and fun activities in God's country, I always look forward to a restful night's sleep. During one of my previous visits to Long Hollow Ranch, Shirley had shared with me the story of an elderly gentleman who had come to stay with them years before. He was 95 a year old, southern California man who woke up raving from the breakfast table about the bed he had the pleasure of sleeping in the night before.  His experience with that bed prompted him to ask Dick and Shirley where they had purchased the mattresses, to which they replied with the name and address of a company in Bend where they had all of the Ranch's mattresses made. That was money wisely spent!  The 95-year old had a mattress made for him and shipped to his home in California. Yes, he loved [...]