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Happy New Year to Our Long Hollow Ranch Guests and Friends

Well, the turkey is finished, the trees are down, the gifts exchanged or put to use, the last carols sung, and even the New Year’s Eve fireworks are over. I want to wish all our Long Hollow Ranch guests and friends the best of times in this coming year. Let’s hope for and work toward the realization of good things for our families in particular and our country in general. As for Dick and me, we had a very nice Christmas celebration with at least part of the family visiting for a few days. We enjoyed indoor games, dinner out at least once, and outdoor skating for the kids. Redmond and Bend both have outdoor ice rinks available for the public during the winter months. Just before year’s end Dick and I loaded the Expedition and headed for Phoenix, Arizona, where we spend three months every year. It is a nice break from everyday ranch business and cold Central Oregon weather, and we are enjoying it. Since our daughter and her husband and Dick’s sister and her husband all live here full time we also are able to spend time with them. So our holiday celebrations are now complete. Much of our time away from home is spent on ranch business since many people plan their vacations and many couples get engaged during the holidays. That means that they contact us for information about this year’s vacation or about an upcoming wedding. There is also work to be done in preparation for tax time. Regular chores like bank reconciliations and other business legalities must be taken care of as well. Therefore we are not really on vacation, but our surroundings are more comfortable in the [...]

Holiday Wishes for Guests of Long Hollow Ranch

As 2016 winds to a close we celebrate first our time of Thanksgiving, then everyone’s favorite holiday of all, Christmas, and we look forward to a new year and a time to start afresh in all our endeavors. I am truly thankful this year for all the wonderful folk who chose to visit and be guests of Long Hollow, some for the first time and others for a repeat visit. I’m thankful also for the good people who worked at Long Hollow this year to provide our guests with great food, amazing rides and comfortable clean rooms. It was a great year for us and we look forward to even better times in 2017. At the present time we are in the process of bringing out a new improved and up-to-date website. Watch for new developments in the Activities tab and the Gallery. We will be introducing new packages that should help prospective guests in the booking process. There will be new descriptions of our Accommodations and Activities, as well as a new system for booking your stay. Can’t believe we’ve been in business for sixteen years now! We have met wonderful people from all over this great country and around the world. One who pops into mind is young Noah, a boy from China who entertained us with his Rubik’s cube and his yo-yo, doing things with them that I had never seen before. He also rode while holding a stick out front that had some grass tied to it to tempt his mount to keep moving forward! What fun! Then there was the boy from Japan who presented each one of us with origami swans that he had made in his spare time. [...]

Winding Down the Year at Long Hollow Ranch

Boy oh boy, what a season! We want to send out a heartfelt “Thank you” to all you fine folk who chose to stay with us this year at Long Hollow Ranch. What a treat it is to meet people from across the country and literally around the world!  We especially appreciated Josianne from Switzerland, Sylvia and Sebastian from France, Lizzie and Petra from England, and Nathalie from Germany. What great conversations and insights from folks like Bron and Roger from England, John and Janet from right here in Oregon, Stuart from England, and certainly the Holmes family whose dads, Stewart and John, actually grew up in our guest house and came back to spend a night in their own old bedrooms. These are the perks for us as hosts here at the ranch. Now that the high season has ended and we are hosting just a few people each week through the shoulder season, we have time to do some things that just couldn’t be squeezed into the schedule earlier. And we have time to think, evaluate our facility and our services, and plan ways to make things even better next year. We just previewed our website overhaul and are very pleased with what we saw. There will be plenty of gorgeous photos to show you the beautiful horses, stunning scenery, and comfortable guest quarters here at the ranch. Online booking for a stay next year at Long Hollow Ranch will be much simpler with a sort of “shopping cart” format. This gives the guest opportunity to know exactly what services and amenities are available, and allows us to know ahead of time exactly what the guest is expecting. Our horse and activity directors [...]

Falling into Autumn in Central Oregon

OK, it’s a corny title, but what else can you expect at the end of an exceptionally busy season? Our guest season for 2016 is coming to a close and we are very thankful to all the good people who chose to come and spend some time at Long Hollow Ranch. We enjoyed visitors from around the globe and many states across the country. It’s always fun to meet folks from different areas and get to know something about their cultures, customs, and even various languages. This summer was very warm and dry; we literally had no rain for several months. This last week has been making up for that. It has brought us showers and cool weather so now the ground is quite well watered, the air is fresh and clean, and the buildings look cleaner. Rain is a blessing in this part of the country. As soon as things clear up and the sun comes out again it will be time to clean up the garden and put it to bed for the winter. We are even beginning to think in terms of Thanksgiving and Christmas. And speaking of fall, Dick and I just returned from a much needed getaway. We returned to my former home area near Niagara Falls, Ontario. Spending time with some old friends was fun and relaxing. Visiting the local Harvest Festivals and other attractions was interesting, as well as watching the fall color work its way into the trees and shrubs all around us. The area is very agricultural with beautiful truck farms, orchards and vineyards. It is also becoming recognized as a source of world-class wines. While later driving through parts of Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa the [...]

In the Good Ol’ Summertime at Long Hollow Ranch

Summertime at Long Hollow Ranch seems a bit more mellow this year than in the last two. Temperatures have been relatively comfortable for outdoor activities, and our guests are enjoying riding, hiking, bicycling, fishing (and the fishing is great this year!), hot dog roasts, dinner on the porch, hummingbird-watching and meeting new friends from around the world. A few weeks ago our son and his family came for the weekend, bringing two of our grandsons’ high school friends along. The boys decided to go fishing one evening, and in a little over two minutes, each one had caught a fish! You may recall that the ranch has two fishing ponds; one is stocked with trout and has some bass as well. The other pond has bass only. The trout pond is catch-and-release, barbless hook only but the bass pond is open to general fishing. The horses are in good condition and are traveling the trails regularly. The summer sky is providing some spectacular scenery for the riders, along with the Three Sisters mountains. Our skies are wide open here, and there have been a few storms, making for some impressive sights. The horse trails traverse the length of the ranch and they are also suitable for hikers. Of course there are a number of great hiking trails within a few miles of the ranch as well. Again, our three teenage boys drove to Smith Rock one afternoon and hiked up Misery Ridge, returning with stories of the beautiful scenes available from the top of the Rock. This is also the season for County Fairs. Central Oregon fairs begin with the Jefferson County fair in Madras on July 27 through 30. This is followed by the [...]

Read All About It! Reservations Calendar News Flash!

Looking at our reservations calendar, I see that there are a few openings left in July for a multiple-day ranch vacation stay. In August there are still a number of openings which are normally filled by mid-July. So, if you are thinking at all about enjoying a 3 – 6 day getaway where you can unwind, feel the freedom of the wide open spaces in some of the country's most beautiful scenery, meet some fabulous people, ride some of our fine horses, eat your fill of delicious food, and get a good night’s rest in a very comfortable bed, you sure ought to consider spending a few days at Long Hollow Ranch. You will get your batteries recharged with the three R’s - some recreation, relaxation and rejuvenation. Just give us a call to reserve your place at the ranch today! You will be glad you did. Time is going by very quickly this summer and we are very busy here at the ranch. If you can’t make it work for you in July or August, we provide the same great friendly service through September and October when the nights are cool and the days a bit more balmy. Please check out the possibilities on our website, read the reviews from some of our former guests, and check the blogs for added information about a stay at Long Hollow. Just be sure to mention upon reservation that you want “Full Service” which means you get lodging in a nice room with a private bathroom, three delicious meals each day and trail riding, fishing, hiking, or river rafting. We’ll be watching for you!