Long Hollow Cattle Drives

Long Hollow Ranch Cattle Drive

Long Hollow Ranch Cattle Drive

Participating in a real Cattle Drive on a dude ranch vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Long Hollow Ranch is a working cattle ranch, and we offer you the opportunity to join us as we run the ranch. You can join us for different cattle events during the spring and summer, including branding and moving cattle.

Don’t have any experience? Don’t worry! Before heading out on the range you will go through orientation process with you. You will observe cattle handling skills and learn about moving and turning them in the right direction. We will help you to become comfortable with your ability as a cattle hand. Moving cattle to and from the range pastures can involve long days in the saddle and riders will be given breaks to stretch their legs and regain their seat.


Spring Branding and Prep for Summer Pasture

Every spring, watch the cowhands round up, sort, vaccinate, and brand cattle the old fashioned way. This is an all-day event and includes lunch.

Cattle Drive 2016 – “Head ’em up, move ’em out” April 28-30

In late spring, guests can help move the herd to summer range. After settling in and going through orientation, Cattle Drive participants spend a long day in the saddle with the cowboys as they move the herd to Summer Pastures.

“Move ’em around” on the range pastures 2016 – June 17-18

During the summer months, the cattle are moved from pasture to pasture. This day of rounding up the cattle and moving them to greener pasture is a great ride. Looking for cattle is just part of this scenic journey through open unspoiled country accessible only to horseback riders and hikers.

“Round ’em up, bring ’em back” 2016 – July 28-30 – Holmes Pasture back to the Ranch

Occurring in late summer, this cattle drive consists of spending the day rounding up the cattle from range ground north of the ranch and driving them by horseback to the ranch for fall grazing.

oregon cattle drive, cattle drive, dude ranch vacation, ranch vacation, oregon dude ranch, oregon guest ranch, oregon working cattle ranch, working ranch oregonPlease note that each of these events takes place on specific days each year. If you wish to experience a real taste of working with cattle be sure to reference our Events Calendar for exact dates and plan your stay at Long Hollow to include at least one of these dates.

Get a taste of what these events are like by visiting the photo gallery. For further questions and to make sure your stay can include participating in one of these events, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Scheduled activities for working cattle are subject to change due to the needs of the cattle, inclement weather, or other conflicts that may arise on a working ranch.

Guests invited to participate in our cattle drives:

  • are 14 years of age or older with good riding skills
  • are comfortable in rough terrain and have a steady seat
  • can stay in the saddle for at least two hours at one sitting
  • have scheduled a minimum stay of 4 days for Spring drive and 6 days for the June and July drives.
  • have completed a cattle orientation session
  • have agreed to abide by all safety guidelines